Puppy Classes

All puppy owners should take their pups to Puppy Classes.  Why are Puppy Classes so important?  It will determine what sort of dog your pup grows up to be.  It will determine how the rest of his life will work out.

Puppy Classes help pups to develop into sociable, lovable dogs who are well mannered.   Classes often make the difference between a well-adjusted happy dog and a dog that has many behaviour problems.

Puppies need to learn 3 very important things in life:

  • Bite inhibition i.e. which is developing gentle jaws
  • Socialisation with other dogs and all types of people
  • Basic good manners

If your pup learns these three things they can prevent common dog behaviour problems before they happen.   Puppy Classes will go a long way to helping him learn all of those things.   You should enrol your pup in Puppy Classes before he is 18 weeks old.   This is the critical time period that puppies learn.

Puppy classes should be well run.  How can you tell what constitutes a well run puppy class?

  • Are the puppies taught off leash?  If they are it helps the pup to learn to have a soft mouth when interacting/playing  with other dogs.  If they are on the leash interaction is limited.
  • Is there lots of interaction between the people attending and the pups?  This is so important because it helps prevent pups from developing fear of people.
  • Is there lots of training interludes?  Puppy classes should not be just about play.  Training and play should go hand in hand.
  • Is the puppy class made up of a variety of different size pups?  Pups will never learn to interact with all types of dogs if there is just one size or breed at the class.
  • Is the puppy class well controlled?   If it is, younger or timid pups will not be bullied by older, bolder pups.  The organiser will have the situation under control and the situation monitored at all times.

Do your puppy and your family a favour.   Find a Puppy Class and enrol him for the most important education of his life.   Give your pup the best start in life.  If you are looking for a great puppy class, then I would recommend Tina Griffiths of 4 Paws Puppy Training who has one of the best in the area.  You can reach Tina on 07747047051.  Currently, in view of the COVID19 pandemic, she is offering one to one telephone advice.