Prices and Consultation

Prices and consultation are explained below.

Behaviour Problems

Initial behaviour consultation –1-1½ hours at your home:

I charge £85.00 and this fee covers:

1. An initial telephone chat with you prior to the visit to get an overview of the problem. I also send you a form which must be returned to me with your Vet’s details.
2. The visit to your home
3. A written report to cover that visit
4. A free follow up visit


The initial consultation is in the convenience of your home and lasts between an hour to an hour and a half in length. During the consultation I get an in-depth understanding of the problem and I like to see it in action (if possible). I give sound, practical advice and information based on tried and tested force free methods. I also provide you with initial suggestions on how to address the problem.

Behaviour problems can seldom be resolved successfully with just one visit. I want to do the best for you and your dog and set you both up for success. In order to do that you may need ongoing guidance and support after the initial consultation. The level of support you need will be discussed at the initial consultation and recommendations/options made at that time.

I always follow my visit up with a written report which is personal to you and your dog. The report covers what we have discussed and provides the initial plan for helping you and your dog. I send this to you via email or letter within a day or two of my initial visit.

Approximately, two weeks later I will contact you again. I will arrange to make a further visit to your home (at a mutually convenient time). The purpose of this visit is to assess how things are going and to implement the support package discussed and agreed at the initial visit.


Following the initial consultation you may feel you need further help. The support package can take the form of either additional visits at £40 per visit or you can take advantage of a behaviour package which consists of:
• 1 to 1 coaching for three sessions over a 2 months period
• 50 minutes per session
• Weekly online check ins
Price: £115 for the above behaviour package

The above package can be tailored to suit you and your dog’s needs.

Training Advice (one to one training only)

As each dog is different, my training advice is tailored to meet you and your dog’s needs.  Give me a ring to discuss what training is needed and we can devise a plan and agree costs at that time.   My service is affordable and tailored to your needs.


Please note: Mileage is charged for visits over a 10 mile radius of Pontypridd.

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