Helping your dog’s health naturally

Helping your dog’s health naturally

iStock_000006039307_SmallOwners want the best solutions when it comes to their dog’s health.   As a result, many are choosing natural alternatives.   One of those alternatives is Herbs.  Herbs offer a natural remedy for several of the common canine ailments such as joint pain, nervous dispositions, obesity, digestive disorders etc.

You may think of herbs as merely weeds or roots but they are in fact potent medicines. Dogs already know this.

They are natural herbalists and left to their own devices they have used the plants from Nature’s Pharmacy to support their health for centuries. They are inherently wise when it comes to choosing which herbs to use if they are unwell.   Herbs have a real depth and power when it comes to helping dogs to heal their ailments. I work in harmony with that wisdom and power and suggest herbs which nourish your dog and offer support for their health issues. I offer:

  • Bespoke herbal blends (powdered)
  • Advice on how herbs can help your dog’s health.

Herbs are a natural way to keep your dog in good health. What we feed our dogs, how much exercise we give them and the environment that we provide for them all have a direct bearing on their health, behaviour and happiness.

My herbal blends offer a fresh, safe, effective approach to the treatment of canine ailments.  They are an excellent choice for owners who want a natural alternative.

If you think that I can help your dog’s health naturally using herbs then give me a call today, I would love to assist you.

Please note: If you want my help then I will need a referral from your Vet or your Vet’s consent.

“We give dog’s time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It’s the best deal man has ever made” – M. Facklam