What my clients are saying

Below is some of the feedback I have received from my clients.


Excessive barkingDog Behaviour Problems in the Llantrisant area

What a massive improvement.   Lily is so much better.  I’m so proud of her.  Her barking has lessened so much, inside the house and outside.  We are still working on strangers coming into our home, but as for things around the home she very rarely barks……Lily seems to be a lot more calmer than what she was and has taken to all the adjustments very well.   Thank you M.

Hi Kerry, I thought I would just let you know how amazing the time out with barking has been……. the back door has been open for over an hour and nothing!   Just silence! This is fantastic, hope it lasts. Thank you so much for your advice. ……. Regards a very happy and calm L.

Continual roughhousing in the house

The procedures you have showed us do work, it will take time but there is a distinct improvement….THANKS…we will certainly bear you in mind for any future misbehaviour with the two boys.  Once again thank you  A. & Z.

Refusing to listen to owner

I just wanted to tell you that we have a much calmer household.  Jackie is better on the lead with me and the barking is a huge improvement too. Thank you for the advice it’s been a real help.  A.

Puppies terrified of the car and going outside the house for walks

It has been amazing, the pups are doing so well.  Going on short walks and they are getting much better.  Izzy very happy when she sees her harness and Ella much better but still needs a bit of ham to encourage her out of her cage but much better. Fairly good in car but we are still keeping it very limited…….It has improved so much and we are really looking forward to the future with them. Thank you again for your help, It was much appreciated.  N.

Lunging and barking at people when out on the walk

I would like to thank you for what you have done to help me with Alfie.  He has come on so well and all down to your experience.  Thank you so much for your help, most grateful.  C.

Dogs in the same household fighting

It was hard work just having them in the same room…. now it’s impossible to keep them apart.  Bruno and Maya have become the best of friends, they are both a pleasure to be around….. Thanks again for all your help, really helped us to realise anything can be done with a pair of stubborn but food oriented dogs.  A.

Sock stealing

Thank you so much for your visit and further advice. Our ‘trade up’ with Gypsy is all of a sudden going well.   I think she realises a treat is more important than a sock.   We will continue to put your great advice into practice.  I want to thank you for all the advice you have given.  It has definitely made a difference.  A.

Reactive Dog

Just thought you would like to know that Cooper went to the Vet today and was in a waiting room with 6 other dogs and only barked twice and didn’t pull. He was a little anxious at times but it was generally fantastic. So thank you”.  D


Overcoming unwanted behaviour is a partnership between dog and owner. With the right advice, and hard work on the part of the owner, dog behaviour problems can be turned around.  If you would like help then give me a call